Various Tessellations 28… by Felino A. Soriano


Various Tessellations 28
—after Christopher Mize’s painting, Waiting for Her Again

Wine glasses of many users remain of the
illusion of corporeal satisfaction.   Again
             wandering of trust misinforms and
             flattens sedentary pleasures into death’s
                     intuitive dissipation. His mouth, terse.
as weakened wings,

                     by wind’s dichotomous sway then violent



Felino A. Soriano is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Over 3,200 of his poems appear at BlazeVOX, Unlikely 2.0, infinite space, Clockwise Cat, experiential-experimental-literature, and elsewhere. Recent poetry collections include Intentions of Aligned Demarcations (Desperanto, 2011), Pathos etched, recalled: (white sky books, 2011), and Divaricated, Spatial Aggregates (limit cycle press, 2011). For information regarding his published works, editorships, and interviews, please visit:

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