A Chastised Child… by Keith Kennedy


A Chastised Child

And if that wasn’t enough,
he clings, as a
near oblique – some
pseudo-section of a dying art
or an art which uses dyes
or a game that casts die
– to the arm of a stuffed bear
as it hangs at his side, one eye
empty, the other loosed to one thread
and it depicts, sends
an alarming signal to the
world – for he is it and
it is he – strung up by
a limb and unable to see
a way out, while she,
giver of life, rants and
rants until his body can
feel not another ounce of fear.


Copyright © 2013 by Keith Kennedy






The First Urge Fulfilled… by Keith Kennedy


The First Urge Fulfilled

Flesh furrows up into tiny mounds
as time, heavily administered,
droops weighty, swaying unseen, like
Damocles, duel-edged and severe.

My sleep will be troubled.

Sweat hangs heavy from my brow,
catching and beading on miniscule hairs,
holding off salty eyes and saltier tears, like
Samson ‘neath pillars of marbled skin.

My back will not hold this Earth for long.

Jezebel, witch, rogue, rapscallion,
harried by urges and blood between thighs.
Lead one to sin, yet another to clarity, but
take from both a pound of flesh, to feed;
first yourself
and then,
your braying young.


Keith Kennedy has published short fiction in Nocturnal Ooze, Midnight Times, Aurora Wolf, Anotherealm and Bete Noir, as well as the Aurora Rising Anthology. He has also published numerous poems in magazines such as Niteblade, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Kindling and the Poetic Pinup Revue. In 2011 he was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Rhysling Award.

Copyright © 2012 by Keith Kennedy