Stephanie Goodhue… Think Outside The Box Color


Think Outside The Box Color

Ignoring the ravages of time
As they bristle beneath deeply etched wrinkles
Irrevocable vanity is stoked
The fire below is a bloke who misspoke
Morning confidence shattered by the magnifying mirror
His words still ringing in her ears
“Gun Metal Grey”
She’s fifty shades away from caring
What the professional colorist had to say
Root shock has a way
Of balancing on the edge of a déjà vu all day
Leave it to John Lee and Muddy Waters
“I’m bad like Jessie James”
So with untamed hair of gun metal grey
She arranges a dual with vanity at sundown
A challenge of some renown
Where a bourbon whiskey round
Catches the aces and eights by surprise
Just beyond tell tale salloon doors
That even the score
Swinging towards grouper-esque lips
In the eighth round

Copyright © 2016 by Stephanie Goodhue