Louis Marvin… Little White Haired Japanese Lady


Little White Haired Japanese Lady

we are into you for at least 120 grand
10 years and a few days change
saltines in a cracker box
she sweeps away the leaves and wilted flowers

they take the trash away

the Chinese mother started a conversation with you. . .
on and on it has gone
10 years of life tracking, story swapping

talk-about what ails ya

they can forgive the forthright Chinese woman

bring the chastisements for her haole husband
he rubs us the wrong way like the desert does a thirsty man


Louis Marvin-tour guide-poet-gigolo born Burbank, raised hell phoenix, lives/loves the Chinese girls in the Pacific island read a poem where the Gin Blossoms played in Tempe, AZ (no one threw a bottle or up)

Copyright © 2015 by Louis Marvin