Matthew Casey… Untitled Remembrances of an Eye



Untitled Remembrances of an Eye — A Penhead Press Reprint

"Urban Refugee Camp" Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Casey

“Urban Refugee Camp” Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Casey



"Flash Bomb Ignition" Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Casey

“Flash Bomb Ignition” Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Casey



"Issue 3 Cover Art" Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Casey | Also a RAPoetics Issue 3 Contributor

“Issue 3 Cover Art” Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Casey | Also a RAPoetics Issue 3 Contributor


Matthew Casey is a photographer. He was engaged in the art of snapping of pictures long before he knew it would become his passion, having traveled around the world visually documenting people and places where few outsiders have ventured. If you wish to see more samples of his work or employ his services visit his website: Matthew Casey Photography!









Carrie Albert… Frog Artifact, named “Beatrice”



Frog Artifact, named “Beatrice”
(3016 Analysis)
Mass and Materials:
Of blue petrochemicals, spots intact.
Palm size with “China 1” underbelly
found on earth under far-Eastern
impact of Asteroid Zabo
Early Plastic Age, before World War 3
on the eve of Meltdown Z when
memories were buried
all religious faiths annihilated
100 years prior to extinction
of living amphibians
Goddess Anura, likely a fertility charm used
in Laboratory Zigmar’s early attempts
to procreate human/frog beings
Stunning survival, but needs bath and shining
Hold in Goddess Vaults 100z456890000//

Carrie Albert is poet and visual artist and sometimes the two merge. Her poetry has appeared in diverse journals and anthologies – recently – the Bullies and Bystanders Project: “Changing Harm to Harmony”, HEArt online and upcoming (with photo) in Gray Sparrow, both print and online. Collage, photo and poem pairings have been featured in a number of publications. Here are a few links: Carrie Albert | The Far Field, Carrie Albert — The Monarch Review, Spiritual & Healing Practices – all things healing, She is also Artist in Residence at online.

Copyright © 2016 by Carrie Albert