William James… 111 Words


111 Words of Anything Goes


Azalea ran the numbers though Katz’s equation. Pushed the button. The machine clanged three times. The jackpot was hers.

Terry was in the playroom plugging tokens into the high-stakes claw machine. He maneuvered the claw over the thousand dollar bill, but won three butt plugs instead. Each time he grabbed his prize out of the slot, he shouted, “Look folks, another cliché!”

Azalea got careless. She was hauled out of the casino in chains.

Terry wrestled with the cops. He got a black eye. Later a sore bottom.

Katz was the big cheese of the operation. His brainiac hacks worked every time.

He kept himself out of danger with cunning schemes.


Copyright © 2014 by William James Lindberg


William James Lindberg… Found In A Profile


Found In A Profile

Currently I am shopping
to hold a passing conversation
learn D&D
black thumb specialization
I can’t wait
my hand
is always going to be
my favorite
jack glitch hop future
Blue cheese vodka sauce sandwich
jazz music
the intrinsic value
the limits of reality
defining moments
I daydream a lot
sometimes it’s about a poem
a receptor nuanced out there
I have to see
some psycho-nautical system
wanting a message
wanting my mind
to give loads of questions
difficult, rewarding
with a smile
forced to keep up
so there is no confusion
science journals are my thing

Copyright © 2017 by William James Lindberg