Fabio Sassi


Fabio Sassi is a visual artist from Bologna, Italy. He has been a visual artist since 1990 making acrylics using the stenciling technique on canvas, board, old vinyl records and other media. His work appears in several online magazines like This Zine, Red Fez, Right Hand Pointing, Synchronized Chaos Magazine, Qwerty Magazine, Orion Headless, OVS Magazine, Phoebe Journal, Rem Magazine, Yes Poetry, Four and Twenty, Burner Magazine, Freedom Fiction Journal, Every Day Other Things, Minetta Review and many others. He is a featured artist at madswirl.com. In addition to photography, he is also passionate about music and writing. Check out www.coroflot.com/fabiosassi to peer into Fabio’s portfolio.


“Links” Copyright © 2012 by Fabio Sassi


“Smile” Copyright © 2012 by Fabio Sassi


“Screaming Wall” Copyright © 2012 by Fabio Sassi





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