Spirit Ariela Oliver… Falling



Rain is falling all around
The dew drops from my mindv

Plop plop plops
goes the drops

The plot of my story.

There is a dry spot to sit
I feel rainy today
who knows when the rain will fall on me?
There is a fear of getting wet, cold

and being unable to get dry and warm again.

I can not control the rain.
I am a leaf on a tree
an ever-changing leaf.
Perfect in imperfection,
yet unfinished in every way
strange and beautiful
unique unto a leaf on a tree

and the elements that shape it.

I don’t know just when I lost control,
but do know I was afraid.
A fearful leaf on a tree,
ss-shivering in the wind.
Awake full of color, full of sound
floating falling downdowndown.


Spirit Ariela Olivier is a poet and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. She has been writing poetry since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She writes poems without a wall to bounce them off. Her work is an invitation for you to peruse the secrets of her soul. She currently resides in sunny Los Angeles. This is her second work to be published.

Copyright © 2015 by Spirit Ariela Olivier








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