Jason Constanetine Ford… A Return of Painful Years


A Return of Painful Years

Within the deepest breaths of inner sleep,
My nose inhales a scent infused with bitter fears.
Seconds are passing through the tears I weep
With trauma beyond a horde of jeers.
The lonely tribal years of being ostracized
Are coming back as strength of mind is now excised.
The set of words expelling me from my tribe
Are hammering against my ears as painful vibe.
Accusations spread across a span of years
As I confront a form of pain which stays in place.
The morose memories inflicting pain for years
Are draining me as strength is gone without a trace.
Sequence of memories are passing through my mind
As path of escape is a route which I cannot find.


Jason Constantine Ford is from East Perth in W.A, Australia. He works at a book shop and has over fifty publications of poetry in various poetry magazine, ezines and journals from around the world. He has a traditional approach to poetry as he is dedicated to the cause of rhyming Poems.

Copyright © 2014 by Jason Constanetine Ford









1 thought on “Jason Constanetine Ford… A Return of Painful Years

  1. Words that hold a lot of heavy memories. Sometimes rejection is the most painful (unforgettable) experience we face. I like the way writing poetry can release all the bitterness and begin to heal the wounds…

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