Pijush Kanti Deb… Turning Over a New Leaf


Turning Over a New Leaf

The turning over a new leaf

throws down the gauntlet

to the luminous sun-rise,

takes aback at the new leaves-

turning their noses at the nectar

and preferring a glass of hemlock to sink.

The blissful neighbors are prompt

to take down the useful epics by turns

yet reluctant they are

to take a leaf out of another’s book.

Alas! Undead robots they are of dead scientists,

programmed diplomatically

and manipulated commercially from top to bottom.

Paralyzed they are too to own eyes

but ambidextrous to their blockhead ears-

Receiving blindly others’ provocation,

bring about untimely spring in consequence

and shed down before their maturity.

Counseling, good wish and blessing-

the glittering pearls are cats and dogs

in shedding on them

yet putting two and two together

seems to be more difficult today.

Nevertheless, tomorrow is quite hopeful

for a giant and effective push-

delivered by an honest morning

capable of breaking their sombrous slumber,

reshaping them to humans from robots

and rewarding them a reformative zeal

to turn over a new leaf forever.


Pijush Kanti Deb is an associate professor in Economics. Has had published over a 120 poems and haiku by Indian and international publishers since June 2013.

Copyright © 2015 by Pijush Kanti Deb







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