Piano Song… by Jason Constantine Ford


Piano Song

Loneliness surrounds my weary heart
As I am seated on a bench wood
Facing a piano with features that should

Never allow an inner spark to depart.

I search around the room to find the spark
Endowed with strands of hope which ease the mind
But only feel bitter emotions which grind

Into my soul within a place so dark.

I start to play the notes I know despite
The emptiness of never knowing why
A former love was left to hang as dry

Upon the rails of sorrow without respite.

Although my intellect cannot understand
The reasons why she decided to leave,
I play this song as one with strength to believe

That hope can come to a life remaining bland.

The kind of pain being felt within each note
Is passing through my heart as song progresses.
Tears are falling down my cheek as sadness presses
Against the memories which make me feel remote.


Jason Constantine Ford is from East Perth in Western Australia. His major influences poetry and fiction are Edgar Alan Poe, William Blake and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Most of his poetry is rhyming poetry as he is dedicated to the cause of poetry that rhymes. He also writes fiction. His main influences for fiction are Edgar Alan Poe and Phillip K. Dick.

Copyright © 2014 by Jason Constantine Ford





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