A Chastised Child… by Keith Kennedy


A Chastised Child

And if that wasn’t enough,
he clings, as a
near oblique – some
pseudo-section of a dying art
or an art which uses dyes
or a game that casts die
– to the arm of a stuffed bear
as it hangs at his side, one eye
empty, the other loosed to one thread
and it depicts, sends
an alarming signal to the
world – for he is it and
it is he – strung up by
a limb and unable to see
a way out, while she,
giver of life, rants and
rants until his body can
feel not another ounce of fear.


Copyright © 2013 by Keith Kennedy






You’ll Only Forget… by Kyrsten Bean


You’ll Only Forget

This is for all the little demons
who come dancing into my arms
only to fall away like
splintered shards–
only to run out fast.
Those precious souls that
immediately connect.
Their delicate words

that find silhouettes.

It’s a kink in
the picture, a
bent frame, a
time drain, a
blood-stained fracture in my

Lilliputian head

stop taunting me with
sweet nothings, your
crushing hugs, these
invitations into arcane, recondite

unparalleled worlds

you’ll only pull out
wax ten shades of pale
dangle the chain


you’ll only forget.


kyrsten bean pic 2Kyrsten Bean is a writer and musician. She spends most of her time in creative pursuits, and writes a daily blog encouraging others to do the same at thestifledartist.com. She was featured as Poet of the Month on The Railroad Poetry Project, and her work has been published in PoV Magazine, Gutter Eloquence, Amphibi.us, Breadcrumb Scabs, The Camel Saloon and many other fine publications. You can find links to her work at kyrstenbean.com.

Copyright © 2013 by Kyrsten Bean





M i J a u l a P e r s o n a l… by Laura Minning


M i   J a u l a   P e r s o n a l

Me siento captivo de mundo alrededor de mi
mientras yo miro por mi jaula y otras juelas
de la proteccion y limitacion alli
oigo los sonidos asombrosos de las sonrisas
y miro a las ojos pasados

de mi suerte y mi destino, tengo dudas.

Porque todas las personas no me acceptan
con una facinacion y ellos tienblan
me encarcelan,
sin consentimiento,
vivo una vida de liberatad,
eso es un sueno fundamental.


laurapurpleLaura Minning has been published in various national anthologies, on-line zines, one play, two books of poetry, and numerous articles. She has also received two merit awards for her poetry by The National Library of Poetry, and was granted membership into the International Who’s Who in Poetry for 2005 by Poetry.com.

Copyright © 2013 by Laura Minning







Exchanging Static… by Craig Kurtz


Exchanging Static

We have jostled lucubrations
in the tensile online of when.
Where etymons reside intuitive
language drafts from
inscrutable &. You
overrode my tendency

to semicolon.

We embrangled grammar &
disavowed diacritical syntax.
Notice analogous logged on
hand in hand archive
with such adept edit.
I like that dispatching the

full stop, too.

We interosculated copy
& downloaded duet locution.
Where files import involuntary
adjectives, I require increased
ratio to explain a map of you.
I will empty my vocabulary

into you.

We have filtered parenthesis
& triggered synonymity.
Whatever algorithm might fly
I hear your ringtone like a
fingerprint. I will caress
you with the smallest
of syllables.


Craig Kurtz (aka Timothy Tyme, Barry Stoller, Calliope Kurtz, Van Halen Kurtz), age 53, Asperger’s, lives at Twin Oaks Intentional Community. Recorded The Philosophic Collage EP in 1981, now in reissue. Staff writer 10 years for Perfect Sound Forever. Other publications include Monthly Review, Scram, Popmatters and Mad Swirl.

Copyright © 2013 by Craig Kurtz