Close Your Eyes And Hum… by Carrie Malarkey


Close Your Eyes And Hum

Close Your Eyes And Hum
Close those eyes
Don’t look away
On the borderline of personality
Love it
Hate it
Melt into the blackness
Behind the streetlights
Close those eyes
See through association
As traffic lights pass
Manipulate control of the world
Turn it over in your hand
Break it at your whim
Close those eyes
Unrepressed vision
Hostile sound waves
Thick and black
Oppressively smothering
Anger passing quickly
Can you hear it?
Coherent, hard, uncertain, blocked
Close those eyes
Can you see it?


Carrie is a 29 year old woman who lives in Waterford CT with her fiancee and cat Monkee.

Copyright © 2013 by Carrie Malarkey






Encounter at Narcissus’ Pool… by Susan P. McNally


Encounter at Narcissus’ Pool

Have you ever met someone, and thought,
I’ve been waiting for you all my life?
“We fall in love with strangers,” says Marge Piercy.
Actually it’s a single, peculiarly significant stranger.
Eyes lock across a tightrope of longing,
Seeing you, seeing you seeing me, without eyes.
Falling into a pool, or a lagoon of sorts,
dark as night, reflecting moonlight as in a mirror.
Reaching into the pool the image shifts, shatters,
it cannot withstand touch,
reemerges, a phantom of light,
with the sharp intake of breath, of calm.
A meeting of strangers, known forever
at the crossroads of eternity.
There is a task, a mission…
Sometime after the encounter at the pool,
the ground shifted to a land long dreaded.
There’s a mission, an assignment
in the land of Has to Be.
You’ve always known,
all that was hidden
must be revealed.


Susan P. McNally is a psychotherapist in private practice in Yuba City, CA. She is a painter and sculptor, the author Of Sandplay: A Sourcebook for Play Therapists, and a poet. Along with Lily Noonan, she is a co-editor of Winged Poiesis News in conjunction with the Yuba-Sutter Regional Arts Council in Marysville, CA.

Copyright © 2012 by Susan P. McNally




Sorry You Had To Hear This, Dave…by John Grey


Sorry You Had To Hear This, Dave

Had enough of Castro and his fat Cuban cigar yet.
Seen so much Afghanistan you’re choking on the dust.
Feel like the TV news is giving birth to you… a war baby.
And what about politics.., local, state, federal,
around the world, spinning, spinning, spinning
the last of your senses out of you.
Been to see your analyst declaring no more
capitals of former Soviet satellites whose names
you can’t pronounce.
And foreign leaders with personalities like cold coffee
and accents with three hands and seventeen eyes.
Can’t wait to dump celebrity murders, magazine models,
movie star looks and sit-corn laugh tracks.
Would [you] rather [have] a serpent in your bed than the porno chicks
who breathe heavy through your internet.
Need a break from the casino, the ballpark,
even your friends and family who come on to you
like news stories, headlines bloodshot into their eyes.
Can’t die because there’s ten thousand religions
camped out in your next world, waiting to say “I told you so.”
Can’t live either because it requires the acquiesce
of doctors, the poke and prodding kind.
Sleep’s like lower Manhattan at rush hour.
And love is just a game of dice to see who wins your ass.
Put it this way, there are no choices.
So read on. Everybody else has.


Copyright © 2013 by John Grey


Dream Season… by Derrick Keeton


Dream Season

Back to groundwork in silent absentia
Dreaming how music sounds like tears
As they fall from goddess’ cheeks
Or like leaves blown from trees in autumn
Beautiful deluge in red, orange, and yellow
Gives back to the soil our lively toil
Mercy at thrust opens eyes once closed
Makes anew our trust in ourselves
Indisposed, I see those colors transpose
In awakening now to quell
A tender growl of hunger
These days I spend in a state
Of unfettered love cut asunder


Derrick Keeton, poet and writer, has been writing since childhood. He has had poetry published online and in print anthologies such as Black Petals, Carcinogenic Poetry, and Midwest Literary Magazine. He lives in Athens, Tennessee, is a loner and enjoys reading, exploring cinema and the occasional drink. Growing up as a military “brat” he was able to travel and see the world, giving way to much of his early inspiration. THE VOID, his first publication, is available through Wisdom Twins Books (UK). Upcoming work will be appearing in Drunken Absurdity issue 1 on sale at the link (s) below. Evoking dark and and ambivalent themes, Keeton explores the blurred lines between good and evil…

Copyright © 2013 by Derrick Keeton