A Garden East of Eden… by Scott Laudati


A Garden East of Eden

if i could do it all over again
there’s not much i would do the same
i would say i love you a lot more
to a lot less people
i would only find brick walls on black and white streets
to kiss against
i would buy a shag carpet every day
and lay in it
and i would never eat until my chest was thin as paper
so you could see that
my heart

a heart

and every time i’d say
the house will always smell like fresh flowers
i’d mean it
and every car door i could open for you
i’d open it
and every cage that held a turtle
i’d free it
and every dog that had no home
i’d adopt it
and every door in the house that wasn’t painted yellow
i’d paint it
and every bike that had a basket
i’d fill it
and when i promised i was over it

i would be

but when i said
i don’t want you love me any more than you do
i’d still be lying
and i’d still hope that you were smarter than me
and you wouldn’t change a thing


Scott Laudati writes. He wasn’t sure what to write and then he watched a Ryan Adams interview and Ryan Adams said “yea i write a lot of songs. I know how to play chords so how hard is it to write a song?” He realized he spoke the language he would be writing in already. After that writing was pretty easy.

Copyright © 2014 by Scott Laudati





Casualty of War… by John Kaniecki


Casualty of War

A student in college
An acolyte of knowledge
Drafted to fight war
Taught to kill and more

So young, so tender, so pure

He left wife at home
In an army of millions, all alone
Never to recover
Or even to discover

Something went wrong

They did destroy
Youthful joy
I am so sad
It was my dad
And the lessons that were taught
In preparations to battles to be fought
Came through loud and clear
As children cowered in fear

Of one we should have held dear

There are casualties for sure
Then you realize
Look now through my eyes
To see
The casualty


John Kaniecki writes words because they are true. He is married to his wife Sylvia from Grenada. They reside in Montclair, New Jersey and attend the Church of Christ. John has been published in over a dozen magazines and poetically strives to merge beauty with righteousness.

Copyright © 2013 by John Kaniecki





Jagged Edges… by J.D. DeHart


Jagged Edges

I wish I was smooth
But I’m a deckle edge
It looks good on a book
Not so good on a person
I guess none of us have the fork in us
None of us are completely done
Just once
I’d like to get it all right.


J.D. DeHart teaches English to middle grades. He enjoys the process of writing and reading literature.

Copyright © 2013 by J.D. DeHart





Piano Song… by Jason Constantine Ford


Piano Song

Loneliness surrounds my weary heart
As I am seated on a bench wood
Facing a piano with features that should

Never allow an inner spark to depart.

I search around the room to find the spark
Endowed with strands of hope which ease the mind
But only feel bitter emotions which grind

Into my soul within a place so dark.

I start to play the notes I know despite
The emptiness of never knowing why
A former love was left to hang as dry

Upon the rails of sorrow without respite.

Although my intellect cannot understand
The reasons why she decided to leave,
I play this song as one with strength to believe

That hope can come to a life remaining bland.

The kind of pain being felt within each note
Is passing through my heart as song progresses.
Tears are falling down my cheek as sadness presses
Against the memories which make me feel remote.


Jason Constantine Ford is from East Perth in Western Australia. His major influences poetry and fiction are Edgar Alan Poe, William Blake and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Most of his poetry is rhyming poetry as he is dedicated to the cause of poetry that rhymes. He also writes fiction. His main influences for fiction are Edgar Alan Poe and Phillip K. Dick.

Copyright © 2014 by Jason Constantine Ford