Taylor Napolsky… I, Clipping My


I, Clipping My

    fingernails felt a fragment of nail
fly into my eye.      A piece of me lodged
in me, I realized. “You are experienced,”
I thought,
flushing my
in the sink.       “You have taken it on,”
and it bothered me for longer than
I cared to admit                     I set it aside
                      and made my rounds.
I laughed it off and wouldn’t be nebbish,
blinking for moisture? Or it was
confabulated and had already

extricated, on

its own accord–            I read

and grew; prepared to

watch a bit of logical media,

curious as   to   if    it     would make the
whites of my eyes
Pinkish.   Yet they’re always pink around
the rims (they’re consistently

me). I’m reliably drippy-looking

countenance and,
people sense, incorruptible with good
complexion. There’s my own scratch in
my head from the roots marginalia of my
person. Assuredly certain (certain thing)

and whether it’s

gone or


it stays there It’s immured.


Taylor Napolsky lives in Seattle, where he enjoys the cool weather and drinks plenty of coffee. He spends his time reading, writing, watching movies, and incessantly checking out new music. He has a speculative fiction book available at taylornapolsky.com.

Copyright © 2014 by Taylor Napolsky








Jason Constanetine Ford… A Return of Painful Years


A Return of Painful Years

Within the deepest breaths of inner sleep,
My nose inhales a scent infused with bitter fears.
Seconds are passing through the tears I weep
With trauma beyond a horde of jeers.
The lonely tribal years of being ostracized
Are coming back as strength of mind is now excised.
The set of words expelling me from my tribe
Are hammering against my ears as painful vibe.
Accusations spread across a span of years
As I confront a form of pain which stays in place.
The morose memories inflicting pain for years
Are draining me as strength is gone without a trace.
Sequence of memories are passing through my mind
As path of escape is a route which I cannot find.


Jason Constantine Ford is from East Perth in W.A, Australia. He works at a book shop and has over fifty publications of poetry in various poetry magazine, ezines and journals from around the world. He has a traditional approach to poetry as he is dedicated to the cause of rhyming Poems.

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Marian Dragomir… My Tongue


My Tongue

a while ago
while I was wandering
the streets on my way to school
my father told me that
the world is a dark and heavy place
but he told that with such elegance
that his tongue swirled around the letter “d”

so i learned all the words starting with “d”

as my life passed away
I was attacked by worries–

what if my life explodes

I will always remember my father
he told me
“never let the word
get the best of you”


Marian DRAGOMIR is from Romania; He is a poet with 2 books of poetry published, “Verses for the Big life” in 2010 and “A book with mask” in 2012. He has participated with poems in more than 20 newspapers from Romania and in more than 15 anthologies, and she has also published more than 20 book reviews in different newspapers from Romania.

Copyright © 2014 by Marian Dragomir